What are the "Rouleaux de Phébée" ?

The “Rouleaux de Phébée” are neither a dry fruit, nor a “pâte de fruit”*, yet share traits with those two traditional recipes:
- They are dehydrated at low temperature
- They are soft and melt in your mouth
Made with 80% fruit and 20% natural texturizing agents, the “Rouleaux de Phébée” have higher health effects than dried fruits, being low in calories and rich in fiber, allowing them to quench your appetite.
As no sugar nor aroma are added to the product, its authentic taste of fruit is preserved, thanks to our innovative manufacturing process.  

*A “pâte de fruit” is a traditional French delicacy made of fruit puree, sugar, pectin and glucose. Very sweet, it could be assimilated to a “fruit candy”.

The “Rouleaux de Phébée” can be preserved up to a year at room temperature!

Packaging options?


" Personnalized package "

You can choose the fruits you want and their quantity

​Perfect for events or snack for childs

" The Gift Box "

3 rolls of each of our 6 fruits, enough to please every taste! (18 total)

Perfect for an original gift


" Your Favorite Fruit "

25 rolls of your favorite fruits in a single package!

Perfect to add to in a recipe



Hereafter are the thorough steps for a perfect “Rouleau de Phébée”:

Our knowledge comes from our dedication to constantly improving our products. Our passion drives unique, patent protected manufacturing processes and recipes. Our unique process maintains the authentic taste of fruit in the mouth.

The total process takes more than 30 hours, a process more complex than that of the "marrons glacés".


​“A bite of real tasty fruit”

80% real fruit

​“For an even softer texture”

We add fibers and pectin derived from apple and carob bean gum (derived from carob tree)

​“For a balanced taste”

Up to 2% of fructose may be added to each batch, depending on the harvest, to insure the taste is constant from one “Rouleaux de Phébée” to another.

​Words from a nutritionist

The high fiber content of the “Rouleaux de Phébée” makes them a natural appetite-suppressant, perfect for a snack.
Thanks to their low glycemic index, due to the absence of sugar, the “Rouleaux de Phébée” don't cause a glycemic spike. Moreover, the fact that there is no aroma added doesn't bring any addiction, so you won't feel the need to finish the pack!
Besides its nutritional benefits, it is a tasty product that brings a sweets snacking satisfaction.

Stéphanie HUBSCH

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