The fruit leather

The idea to produce these Rolls comes from a fruit leather baking.

This old practice consists of a gentle drying, at low heat, of fruit mash spread as an even layer. 

A sort of leather is obtained at the end of the baking, it looks like a thin and resistant film which is not breakable. The texture is not only pleasant, but flavorful. It is the reason why Phébée's Rolls were manufactured, so the same flavor is obtained but the texture is way softer.

Imagine a concentrated taste of fruit, balance by the pleasure of its sweetness with a subtle touch of sour.

Apple leather

Phébée's Rolls

Phébée's Rolls are as flavorful as soft. They are made from a traditional recipe which allows the fruits to keep their flavor and benefits.

It is also in these old french traditions that we find quality. Thus, a major part of Phébée's Rolls manufacturing is made by hand: that way we can monitor the product and bring it a peculiar attention.

After mixing the ingredients, they are dried at low temperature in order to preserve their natural flavor and color. The Roll's are made from fruits of quality so every bite feels like eating a fruit. As they contain no preservatives, nor aroma or dye, they truly are authentic.

Phébée's Rolls are healthy and rich in fibres. Each Rolls is made out of 80% of fruit. Their soft texture offers a true moment of relaxation when we treat ourself with a bite of these tiny fruit paradise !

They can be eaten at any moment of the day : as a snack, to go along with a tea or a coffee, as a dessert, or just for a non-guilty pleasure.

- Written by Lucile Mairesse De Prades

Trad'Inov is a family business. Our innovative line of products is built on French traditional recipes: they highlight the rich culinary history of our country while bringing a modern touch. Trad'Inov only manufactures authentic products with minimal preservatives, to conserve all the benefits of the real fruits.

Our products are made in France and primarily from French* fruits.

"I take every day as an adventure and a new opportunity to innovate, create and discover. I am determined, passionate and inspired by my work, because it is related to products that I truly enjoy. I want to share my passion with my consumers through my creations."

*The tastier fruits aren't always produced in France!

Phébée RACAT - CEO

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